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As I look out my window, overlooking Coit Tower and the beautiful rolling hills of San Francisco, I notice the pretty blue skies, the sound of pigeons singing beautiful music, and the sound of a bustling city in the Nation’s tech capital. It’s a beautiful experience just looking out thew window. Simultaneously, I am aware that I am noticing music in sound, art in city views and fresh air coming off the ocean. I am also aware…

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In Computer Science, sorting algorithms takes an unordered list of numbers and order them in increasing or decreasing order. In-place sorting algorithms moves elements by swapping elements and pushing the remaining elements back by one. We call them in-place algorithms because they do not take up any new space, just rearrange elements within its space.

I was asked what is the journey and how do I experience it? It’s funny because two weeks prior to being asked, I told myself I wanted to be in an adventurous mindset all the time. I’m living my dream, I’m in Silicon Valley learning how to code, how to grow a tech company and meeting new friends while having fun and creating new joyful and profound memories. I feel good everyday all day. I am in a good mental state and I have the network of relationships I need to have a balance life. Nahid Angha, discussed being a…

Women are portrayed in a good light. They were shown as strong be standing together when the affair came to light. It appears they valued loyalty, by Angelica standing by her sister. Also, Hamilton was attracted to them, giving them some degree of influence on him. It this sense, they appears as influencers. They are also seen as attractive as Hamilton have affairs outside his marriage. Also, other women were the ones who saw Hamilton as dishonorable. In this way, they are seen as influencers of public opinion. In this story, appears to be powerless because of their position in society, however, they seem to have influence over the influencer.

Thats a good line. I think we all can see moments in our life where that happens. So its normal, in the case of Hamilton, it was seen as dishonorable, but let's face it, we all are slaves to our desires, so his polygamous lifestyle, made him seem dishonorable.

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Hamilton: Comedy and Tragedy

Lafayette was an interesting character. He always seem to be doing something mischievous. I was impressed by his rapping skills. I didn’t know he had it in him. His ability to do so in French was cool was the icing on top of the cake for me.

Hamilton has both elements of a tragedy and a comedy. The personification of American Forefathers and mothers as rappers and singers, made it more comical. However, the original storyline made it more tragedy. Adding a layer of comedy on top of a historical tragic makes a tragic comedy.

Sorry your blog became my self reflection for the term lmao

In other words, I came to understand my greatness more personally, and thats how I can relate to the Micheal idea of going all in and out competing self day in day out

So we stilling quotes now, lol, I choose this same quote, and what I know from you is greatness is in you. The Moral of this story is you have to practice day in and day out. its the same with coding and tech entrepreneurship, you have to be practicing all the time. Personally, this term was the toughest as far as going all out. But the biggest lessons learned are: Wake up early, get straight to work, zone out, lead with plans that are easy to understand, conflict resolution, self care first. Also, I did a lot of reflection on desires, life path. I say all this to say term was a for massive personal gains and small coding skill gains.

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Malvolio (reading from a letter by Maria, which he believes to be from Olivia) (Twelfth Night)
“…be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em.”

Letter to the Make School Student at 851

“Reading the letter sent from Jarquevious in the far distance of the world, he told her, greatness is birthed on you, its in the inside of you, greatness is like a seed, it is planted deep down in your spiritual soil, compelling you to pour undeniable faith water, determined grit fertilizer, a great big sunshine peace of mind knowing that you on the right path…

Jarquevious Nelson

Software Developer, Change Maker, and all around cool person.

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